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Mild Steel Ladles

Formed from 5mm plate.
Can be produced as Left / Right Hand Pour or Double-Lipped.
Ladle size......Handle length 
4" (100mm)......18" (457mm)
5" (125mm)......22" (560mm)
6" (150mm)......26" (660mm)
7" (176mm)......30" (762mm)
8" (200mm)......30" (762mm)
9" (226mm)......34" (864mm)
10"(254mm)......34" (864mm)
11"(280mm)......38" (965mm)
12"(305mm)......38" (965mm)

*****handles can be made to customers' own requirements*****
Stainless Steel Ladles 

Formed from 2mm stainless steel plate. Can be produced as Left / Right Hand Pour or Double-Lipped. 

2" 145ml 2.5" 190ml
3" 270ml 3.5" 260ml
4" 280ml 4.5" 425ml
5" 575ml 5.5" 610ml
6" 650ml 6.5" 900ml
7" 1150ml 8" 1700ml
9" 2325ml 10" 3000ml
11" 3900ml 12." 5000ml
12.5" 5700ml 14" 9250ml

*****handles can be made to customers' own requirements***** Please note that capacity shown is approximate. The following information should be useful when identifying which ladle is required. Aluminium weighs 2.7kg / litre solid 2.35kg / litre molten
Drossing Ladles

Available in all the sizes shown in our Mild Steel Ladle Range.

Skimming Ladles

Dish Dia....... Handle Length

4" 102mm.......18" 457mm
6" 152mm.......26" 660mm
8" 203mm.......30" 762mm
10" 254mm.....34" 864mm

Handle lengths can be changed to individual requirements. 
Solid Forged Ladles

Available in the following sizes:
2.5" (63mm)
3" (75mm)
3.5" (88mm)
4" (100mm)

Stainless Steel Sample Ladles

35mm dia. x 65mm (std. size) 
Other sizes made to order. 

Ladle Cups

For many years, Delphorge 83 Ltd has supplied replacement auto ladle cups to a number of the UK's leading Diecasting Companies. We can supply quality and cost efficient ladle cups, manufactured to your specifications.

Please contact us for further information.

Parting Agent and Protective Coating for the Non-Ferrous and Light Alloy Industry

The attack by molten metal on refractory and metal components plus the build-up of solidified metal and Dross, which have to be removed, contribute to shortened working life, contamination of the melt, and increased costs. Therefore we at Delphorge 83 are pleased to both recommend and supply MET-EX.

A compound of finely divided refractory oxides providing a protective layer which both inhibits metal attack and provides a non-stick interface. Being water based, it does not prompt atmospheric pollution or present a health hazard.

Available in 3 sizes.
40kg 18kg 7kg